In real life, we need to make inferences all the time.  For example, if we want to ask our parents if we can do something extra special, we know that we need to ask at a good time.  Our parents won’t greet us as we walk in the door by saying, “Hey, I’m in a really great mood.  Why don’t you ask me if you can something extra special?  If I was having a bad day, I might say no, but today I’m really happy.”

That would be crazy!  No, usually we need to infer how our parents, teacher, friends, and others are feeling.  We need to take the clues we see and use them to figure out what’s not being said.

We also need to use inference skills when reading.  The author won’t always tell us things; usually we need to infer.  So, in reader’s workshop we’ve been practicing our reading skills.  We take the clues from the book, add what we know about similar situations in real life, and finally make an inference.

We also practiced writing paragraphs that would force the reader to make an inference.  Can you infer what we described in these paragraphs published in our author’s corner?
10/24/2010 07:09:09 pm

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