We’ve learned that the root “man” means hand.  For example, a manicure is a treatment for the hands.

During homeroom word study, we explored the prefixes re- and
un-.  Re means “again;”  for example, if you redo something, you do it again.  Un means “not.”  Something that is undone is not done.  We also learned that "super" means "above," while "sub" means "below."
In homeroom, we studied the prefixes “pre” and “post.”  Pre means “before,” and “post” means “after,” (although sometimes it’s a root, not a prefix and actually means “to place.”).  Ask your 5th grader to explain how adding pre or post to a word can change it’s meaning.

Did you know the root “ped” means “foot” or “stand?”  Think about it: a pedestrian is a person who walks to and from places and a pedicure is a soothing foot treatment.  What other “ped” words can you add to the list?  How do they relate to the root meaning?

We’ll have our first spelling/part of speech assessment on Tuesday, September 22nd and our Word Knowledge assessment on Thursday, September 24th.

In word study during the first week of school:

·      We took the assessment to determine what each student knows and still needs to learn about words.  The students will switch classes for word study (although some students may stay in my class for word study) beginning Tuesday, September 15th. 

·      We’ll still work on increasing our vocabulary in homeroom as well.