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Book Adventure
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Vincent Science Fair
Learn more about the science fair and how to complete your project at this site.
Science Fair Research Site
This site will guide use through the research phase of the project.
Create brainstorm and idea webs, and then share them with your classmates.  Your student password is required.
Looking for something?  Search this directory to find the answer.
This is a great place to find answers, but since anybody can add information to it, you should find another site that agrees with the information you read here.
Word Central
If you're not sure what a word means, try Word Central (Webster's Dictionary for Kids).
This is another learning site we might use in class.  Your student password is required.
PBS Kids
Learn and play at the same time when you go to PBS Kids.
Education Place: Kids' Corner
This site has many games, puzzles, and current events, as well as activities related to language arts and social studies topics.
You'll find games, books, and author information here.
This site has animated videos about topics we're learning in school.  Some of the videos are password protected, so you'll only be able to view those videos during school hours.
This site has more games, puzzles, and activities that you can complete (while learning, of course!).
Be safe online--learn how at this site.