Click on the pictures below to practice making factor trees.
We’re working on whole number computation and number relationships in math class.  The students have demonstrated proficiency in addition and subtraction of large numbers, so we’ve moved on to factors and multiples.

Multiples: skip counting by a number
Example: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, etc.

Factors: two numbers that can be multiple together to get a product (answer)
For example, the factors of 12 are: 1 and 12, 2 and 6, 3 and 4
In math class over the past two weeks, we explored place value relationships in more depth.  The students became proficient at reading and writing large numbers and decimals, comparing and ordering numbers, representing numbers in different ways, and placing whole numbers, decimals, and fractions on a number line (include negative numbers).  On Friday, October 2nd, we took the first post-test.  The students did an amazing job.  Make sure you ask your child to see his/her post-test when they come home on Wednesday, October 7th.
During our first week of math class, we worked on the following skills and activities:
  • Problem solving: We played a “Leap Frog” game that required the students to use logical thinking, as well as guess, check, and revise strategies to solve the frog’s dilemma.  You can play a similar (slightly more challenging) version here.
  • Place Value: We learned whole number place value positions to the hundred billions, and decimal place value positions to the thousandths.
  • Standard form: We practiced writing numbers in their normal, number form (234).
  • Word form: We practiced writing numbers using words (two hundred thirty-four).
  • Expanded form: We practiced writing numbers using the digit’s value (200 + 30 + 4).
  • Number lines: We’ve begun to place positive and negative numbers on a number line—including decimals!
  • Multiplication facts:  We’ve been assessing our multiplication knowledge and reviewing math facts.  More specific math fact practice will come home in the coming days, but students can find practice games here and here.  A math newsletter explaining the importance of having a solid foundation of all math facts is also attached to the right.

Our first check-up is Tuesday, September 22nd.  It will cover place value, standard form, word form, and expanded form.

Our second check-up is Thursday, September 24th.  It will cover rounding, ordering, and comparing whole numbers and decimals.

We will take the place value post-test some time during the week of October 1st.  Check back for more updates!

During our first week in math:

·      We took surveys to learn more about our classmates.  We then took our data and represented it in bar graph form.  I was impressed at how many students remember graphing vocabulary from 4th grade!

·      We began switching for math classes on Friday, September 11th.  Check with your 5th grader about his/her first day of class.

·      All 5th grade math classes will begin their year by studying place value and number systems.