Language Arts:
·         We learned about inferences.  After discussing how and why we infer in everyday life, we practiced inferring while reading.  Finally, we wrote paragraphs that require the reader to infer.  Check out samples of our work by visiting the “Author’s Spotlight” page of this site.
·         We continued learning how to “show, not tell” in our writing.  There are also student samples of show, not tell on the Author’s Spotlight page.
·         We discussed how to find quality web sites when researching.
·         Many students finished the first draft of their writers’ workshop story.

Social Studies:
·         We continued working on our Discovery Scrapbooks during computer lab time.
·         Due to science fair activities, we did not have regular social studies this week.

·         We finalized our science investigation questions.
·         We began learning how to use keywords when on search engines.
·         We learned about the stages of the scientific method (and how even the Mythbusters follow this method)!
·         We evaluated websites according to their value as research sources.

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