Language Arts
·         We began our student book blogs.  Our blog portal is a safe, secure site that requires a student password and username to login.  If you’re not sure what a blog is, check out the video below.  Then, ask your fifth grader to explain how we’re using them in class!
·         Many of the students were surprised by the ending to Frindle.  The class was fairly split between Nick winning the word war and the word war ending in a tie, but then we read the last chapter.  Mrs. Granger had a few tricks up her sleeve.  So, 5th graders, who do you think won the word war, now that the book is over?
·         In writer’s workshop, we continued learning about how authors use their writer’s notebook to gather ideas.  We reread our entries, discussed “words that work,” wrote from the heart, and goofed around with words and ideas.

·         In math, we continued to work on reading and writing numbers in standard, exponential, and word form.  We also rounded numbers. 
·         One group worked on exponential form, and practiced writing exponents as multiplication problems and in standard form.

Science & Social Studies
·         In science, we practiced recording observations in word and picture form.  Also, we learned that Murphy’s old habitat was not what a box turtle needs.  After reading a book about box turtle care, I discovered that he needs coconut husk and Cyprus bark in his habitat.  He seems much healthier and happier now!
·         In social studies, we shared our Native American mounds and began discussing Europeans who “discovered” the New World (North America).  The Vikings beat Columbus to North America, but the rest of Europe didn’t know about it at the time.  Columbus came about 500 years after the Vikings, yet he thought he was in Asia.  Ask your child to tell you the story.

Computer Skills
·         We completed our Wordles, which highlight key phrases that describe each student, and our Online Safety pledges.  This would be a great opportunity to discuss home guidelines for online activity!
·         Some students also worked in Type2Learn to practice keyboarding skills.  We’ll all be working on this important skill in the coming weeks.

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