Language Arts:
We’re in the midst of our first unit, “The Role of Readers and Writers,” and the students are doing a great job.  This past week, we learned:
·        What types of entries we might write in our writers’ notebooks 
(wondering lists, sensory observations, writing from the heart, etc.)

·        How to respond positively to our peers’ writing
·        How to choose a “just right” book
·        Keeping a record of our book choices
·        Genres of books
·        Fiction vs. nonfiction
·        Buzzing about books
·        Using text clues to support our ideas
·        Thinking as we read
·        Rereading with fluency and expression (prosody)

In science, we continued our problem-solving skills as we tackled an online physics-based problem.  We discussed cause and effect, and predicted the outcome of virtual structures we built.  In addition, the students modified their work based on their results.  5th graders, show off your skill at:

Social Studies:
How did the first Americans get to North America?  They walked, of course!  After discussing several possible ways the natives may have arrived in America, we learned that scientists studied artifacts and believe that:
·        The first Americans were hunters.
·        They followed the woolly mammoth across a land bridge that connected Russia and Alaska.
·        The land bridge (called Beringia) is now under a body of water called the Bering Strait.
·        As the woolly mammoth went extinct, the first Americans had to adapt.  They grew crops, hunted smaller animals, and began to build settlements.
·        A group of Native Americans, called the Mound builders, buried various objects in large mounds of earth.  By studying these artifacts (objects from long ago), we can learn about their culture.

We began switching for math this week.  All classes are heterogeneously grouped, and we will cluster group within classes based on each unit’s inventory data.  In addition to taking the place value and whole number computation inventory this week, we also began working on math fact fluency, problem solving, communication skills, and introductory place value concepts.

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and introductory place value concepts.

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